Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snowfall Warning

Friday morning we woke up to this, which the dogs really think is pretty great.

Look out Jake, I'm comin' to getcha...


Take that you b#tch!

 Round and round we go

Larry, comin' thru.....

And the next thing I see is Larry on one leg, the other leg out to the side to try keep himself from falling over as the dogs just about take him out at the knee. He survived though:)

More snow coming down tonight (Friday).  And tonight we got a call from the Langley Police.  Does someone in your household own a 2004 Toyota Echo...?  And your heart drops like a stone...
Turns out Meredith had left her car at a park and ride by the freeway, and headed off with a friend.  In the meantime some low life had decided to smash her passenger window and rifle through her car.  A few CD's missing as well as her insurance papers and owners manual.  The police were a little concerned that the security of the car was compromised, although she did have a 'club' on the steering wheel.  So we decided to see if we could find her spare keys.  No such luck, and she doesn't carry a cell phone, and must be the only 20 something in North America that doesn't.  Well she had one, and then it died, and she didn't feel the need to immediately replace it.  Fortunately though, her friend is a cell phone devotee.  But... they were at a movie, so the friend wasn't answering her phone.  There was a whole lot of phone messages left.  
Message 1   We need to know where your spare keys are (of course I had also explained the situation)
Message 2 -  We found a key, and are going to pick up your car
Message 3 - We can't find a key for the club, so are going to see if two other keys for the same kinds of clubs will work, and see if we can get your car
So we head off to her car, about 6 minutes away.  It had just started to snow.  We get to her car and it is a freaking blizzard.  The broken window is on the windy side of the car, and we are struggling to try and tape a garbage bag over the window before the car fills up with snow.  Our finger are freezing because it's impossible to try and handle the duct tape, scissors and plastic bag with gloves on.  The duct tape won't stick to the wet car.  Finally we manage to get the plastic bag caught between the door and the frame so it was helping a bit.  I had actually been on my way to meet a friend for coffee and deliver something to her.  Larry decides to stay with the car, and I head onto the freeway, which I immediately regret, as it was almost a white out, and we are going just over 50 kph.  Thankfully a bit farther along the snow wasn't quite as bad. I get off at the next exit, tell the friend the story, we both decide to leave, to heck with the coffee.  On my way back, I see an ambulance and fire truck, lights flashing, on the other side of the freeway.  I get back to Meredith's car, Larry hops out and gets in our car, and I pull out and start heading home.  I figured he had had enough.  He yells 'where are you going?'. 'Home'.  'Meredith's car is still running!' Oops.  I skid to stop, well actually the curb stopped me, and he goes back to Meredith's car.  I head home, and then when I get there, wonder why I hadn't stayed so that he could sit in a warm car that had a complete set of windows, and whose heater was working properly. 
So I go back. And we sit there. Eventually I call the friend on my ancient cell phone, and she answers, but now they are stuck in the traffic backup from an accident on the freeway.  Anyway, eventually they get there, Meredith unlocks the club, Larry drives her car home, plastic bag flapping in the breeze, and we all make it home safely.  


  1. People still use clubs? I had no idea. I haven't seen one of those since before I got MY driver's license.
    That stinks the car got broken into. I had my car broken into not too long ago and all my CD, GPS, MP3 player etc were stolen. :( The only good thing to come of it is that I got a new and better GPS which was great for going to Tennessee and no windows were broken (one of the windows was open a crack and I didn't know it so they were able to get the door unlocked)

  2. Oh my goodness! What a day! That happens occasionally here in AZ - but we don't have the snow helping out the situation!


  3. We barely have any snow on our side of the river. What a harrowing experience.
    I know the island was hit very hard to as I had family stuck on the Malahat for hours.

  4. Oh, what a lot of stressful running around for the two leggeds (btw, my four legged guys enjoy it as much as yours)

    I'm sorry you had that 'heart drops like a stone' experience with the phone call. Wouldn't it be nice if they started with - we've found a vandalized car, no people hurt ma'am, & we think the car belongs to someone at your house? This is a description of the car:

    Otherwise, the head immediately goes to twisted steel, jaws of life & ambulances..... well, mine does anyway....

    Glad it all ended well. Though now she'll have the joy of filing ICBC claims on what's going to be some of the busiest days.

    Stay safe guys & stay warm. Sounds like crazy cold weather coming our way. I was just saying to dh that the whole point of living in the LM & putting up with the rain was that one doesn't have to deal with -8C (forecast for early next week) except on the mountains, where one goes to have fun & then returns to the civility of warmer temps......Who ordered this weather ???

  5. So glad I live in the balmy East of Canada and not that cold, cold West :-)
    Too bad about Merediths's car, awful for sure. Hope all the paperwork goes well.
    I can think of an idea for a Christmas present for Meredith this year, can you?

  6. I hate that when I forget to fill out a box.
    I don't like the name anonymous.

  7. Glad to her that every one is safe, sound and once again warm. I have heard that those parking areas are targets for vandals.

  8. PS Looks like your dogs love the snow as much as mine does!

  9. Lioness -Yes, people like us still use Clubs:) Ours is a basic car, no alarm, so the club is just a bit more of a deterrent.

    Lori-The weather was weird, just ugly ugly ugly for about an hour and a half, and then much better. The roads were better on the final drive home last night than they had been on my first drive back. No snow right in Abbotsford today, and I heard parts of Surrey and Langley got a lot.

    Hornblower - I did comment to the police officer at the end that I was relieved it was something relatively minor, and she said that you get a knock on the door when it really is one of those 'heart dropping' events:(
    I don't mind the cold so much, although it does mean more work carrying warm water out to the animals, but it is the damn wind. Anytime there is an arctic outflow, it is windy here, and it makes it seem soooo much colder. The odd time the wind drops when it is cold, it seems positively pleasant:)

    Sam- would be happy with some of your Arizona type weather right now:)

    Cathy - time for you to create an account:) And if you are suggesting a cellphone for Meredith, well, been there done that on the first one, so she's on her own now. Besides, she reads this blog, so I have to be careful what I say:)
    And your east coast weather is just biding it's time....

    Ryker - yes, that particular spot has no light at night. In future I think we'll use the McDonald's parking lot which is just around the corner.

  10. Yikes! That sounds horrible. At least the dogs enjoyed the weather!


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