Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Toss-up

Today we were into our 'typical' November weather, rain and a bit cool.  No freezing weather yet though, and I sort of wish we would get some.  Then it would kill everything off in a hurry, and we could just cut it back, pull it out or dig it up.

  Wet dogs, green, gross, and slimy foliage, but still the odd flowers that just don't want to give up.  Some dogs were happy to come back inside after their bush run this morning, to toast their backsides in front of the gas fireplace.

Other dogs wanted to stay out in the drizzle.  This is what I could see from the computer this morning. He did eventually decide to honour us with his presence and come inside.  Silly Jake!

And yes, those blessed dahlias are still going.  It's interesting though, how the colours fade out later in the season.  A variety called Santa Claus that was variegated red and white, is now orange and white. 

  Some of the light pink ones can look like they are white.  A couple of years ago I labelled one as white, and then couldn't figure out why I didn't have a white one when they all came up next spring.  I cut some more dahlias last Saturday and was able to use them to raise another $67 for the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation at the Sunday market in White Rock, thanks to some generous people.  And somehow, it was too much of a coincidence that we got a call last week from the Heart and Stroke Foundation to see if would canvas this area.

At that same market, blog reader and egg customer Janice brought me a birthday present, a chocolate bar.  Sweet! Thanks Janice:)

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so there's a list of outside things to be done.  
Plant garlic, plant bulbs, unload and stack firewood, put up the wood around the bathroom window, install a couple of new exterior lights, start digging up the dahlias, take the dogs for a good walk, spend too much time on the computer.  Well, you know how it goes:(


  1. Drizzle, what a great word!
    We have 7-8 inches of snow in the yard now. Yard work has come to a halt. Now all we have to do is shovel snow, Ha!
    Luna looks so comfy snuggled up to the fire. Silly Jake!
    Don't work to hard.

  2. No snow here yet..it is raining today (Wednesday). Yesterday was beautiful almost 70 degrees!!
    I believe that some flowers are daylight sensitive and the anthocyanins (color producers) are all out of whack when we get to shorter days.
    You still seem to have some nice looking dahlias..oh and Jake and Luna are awfully good looking too:)


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