Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Luna(tic) Moment

It was a pretty decent day today.  Hey, at this time of the year, any day that it isn't raining, snowing or below freezing is a good day.  If there is sun, well that's a real bonus, and if we get sun and freezing weather, they can cancel each other out and make it a good day.  We did start out with a bit of sun this morning, but it didn't last long.  The chickens were pretty happy that the snow is disappearing fast and it was warm, well relatively.

They love pecking on the grass

The sheep were happy with the grass too, until Luna interrupted them to practice her driving.  

Luna though is easily distracted, and was thrilled to discover her long lost soccer ball.

She wasn't looking very elegant though

Mmmmm, I think we just rolled through some sheep poop....(licks lips, and ball)

There, it's all cleaned off now

Jake just wanted to play fetch.  I still am not very good at throwing and clicking at the same time.

And this afternoon I managed to catch the last few seconds of a Luna(tic) moment, which ended with a nose print on the camera lens. Check out that tongue. Sometimes I think it's an alien life form.


  1. That is quite a good Lunatic moment. Is she trying to attact the cusion?

  2. My wagger was in 5th gear watchin Luna do her Luna(tic) thing :) Does sheep poop taste like cat poop? If so, I would like to try some.

    I'm glad the snow is melting for my furiends sake though it sure looked invitin in your last post. Luved the hen that laid an egg in her fav spot :)

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Krazy Kilt has the same Luna(tic) moments. I'd love to have your pasture to work sheep in :0)

  4. Ruth - No, Luna's not really trying to attack the cushion, it's just an accessory to her goofiness:) Although, sometime in the last couple of years she has chewed one corner of it:(

    Roo - I'm sure the dogs think the cat poop tastes better, considering the sheep are herbivores and the cats are carnivores. And judging by Jake's willingness to stick his head in the door of the litter box (yes, he turned out to be worse than Luna)....Anyway, the last time I caught him, I think I scared the crap out of him, literally....:)

    Gvmama - Anytime you're up this way, ha ha:) The sheep would probably drop dead, they are either too fat or too old.

  5. That was a great Lunatic moment..Chance does the same thing usually after he has been out in the are looking less snowy there and maybe a little muddy..oh yah Sheep poop and mud..same difference:)


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