Friday, November 12, 2010

Digging Dahlias and Other Deep Thoughts

This afternoon, while waiting for the appliance repair guy to come and try sort our fridge out, I thought I would make a start on the dahlias.  You don't know how much it pains me to have to pay someone to come here and hopefully fix the fridge. But months of on again, off again freezing up in the fridge compartment, struggling to reach behind to unplug it, well the whole thing is getting more than a little aggravating, so repairman it is.

Here's the dahlias when they are first dug up

And then after I've hosed them off.  

I swear that Luna can hear the hose going from half a mile away, and she is right on it.  She's keeping an eye on it here, in case it suddenly squirts out water!  and an ear on Larry in case she hears him go through the gate and then he just might be heading to the sheep or chickens.   I'm not quite sure which she would find the most exciting.

There is water in the dahlia stems, and one time I tipped some the wrong way and poured it down my boot.  Just the fact that you are messing around with dirt and water at the same time just means that it is, well.... mucky.  Twelve down, about another forty to go.  I've already found three that we somehow managed to miss when we were labeling them.  

And many dollars later, apparently it is the control panel in the fridge that needs replacing.  We haven't got the price of that yet.


  1. Oh no! not the dreaded control panel! I've btdt & felt that pain. Ended up with a new fridge.

    As my repairguy said, "what you have here is a laptop which happens to cool your food". Darn electronics. Makes everything so complicated (or downright impossible) to repair.

  2. Hmmm, Larry said to the guy, "I bet that's expensive", and he said well Samsung made their own, unlike other companies, so we shall see. I hope it's fixable without breaking the bank, because I actually like this fridge:)

    Yep, just like cars, you can't do a whole lot towards fixing your own any more.

  3. Hope you get your fridge fixed..although winter is coming on and you could always set a box out on the patio..just like in the olden days.
    Luna looks like she loves the hose..and has a blast with it too! :)

  4. This is exactly why I will never have Dahlias. I know better than to think for one second that I will be able to keep up with the digging and re-planting every year. I must stick to the winter-hardy perennials.


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