Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh Dear!

I had just finished reading Farside's blog this morning about her deer 'hunting'.   I was rather inappropriately dressed, in my shortie nightie with a big bath towel wrapped around to make me a bit more decent, just heading on my way to the shower.  David says 'Mum, there's a huge deer in the hayfield, it's got a really big rack...'  Well a blogger like me can't resist a potential photo op and subject for a blog post.  I grabbed my camera and ran out onto the deck.  Of course the whole time the deer is moving farther away.  I'm trying to see past the ornamental cherry tree to get a photo of the deer.  I can't lean out too far trying to see past the tree, as there is still no railing on the deck. The thoughts of me going ass over tea kettle off the deck into the hedge below wearing nothing but a nightie and a towel kept me safe.  So I'm trying to take the picture, zooming in, and can't even find the deer in the view finder.  Then there are leaves from the cherry tree that the camera is focussing on.  So I took what I was hoping might be a half decent shot.
By this time the deer is in the top far corner of the hayfield, out of sight.  Then I see it in the riding ring.  I have now crossed the driveway in my bare feet and start up the alleyway.  It is wet, it rained overnight, there is grass and mud.  I have to go quite a distance, to get past the manure piles.  Then I see the deer moving across next door's field.  I try for a couple more shots, but know they won't be good.  By this time my bare feet are starting to feel really cold, and the deer is out of sight.  I head back, hobble back across the gravel driveway, and stop to swish my dirty feet in the dog pool  Wyndson  Pond.  Good thing we don't have close neighbours.  A hot shower never felt so good.  But really, it was soooo worth it to get this fantastic shot!


  1. 'Ass over tea kettle', I like that. Where would something like that come from, you wonder?
    Beautiful shot!
    Made me think I hadn't put my glasses on.

  2. LOL..the things we'll do for a photo moment. Big rack!


  4. Looks like a big buck! The things we won't do for a blog post! You did get some great artsy fartsy colors in that photo! Thanks for the mention..I do enjoy your blog:)

  5. Ha! I hate it when that happens!


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