Saturday, November 13, 2010

Degrees of Daniel

Today in Ontario it was a very special day for my sister and her family.  My nephew Daniel  received his Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours degree.

He has gone from this 
( I had to include this photo, because he's wearing an outfit I made). 
 Daniel, just be thankful I didn't include any of the nekkid photos, I have a few of those. 
 I could be convinced to destroy them with the right bribe.  Just saying....:)

To this

And he exchanged this gown

For this one

Here's a few photos my sister sent of the ceremony, and afterwards

That's Daniel stood up there

 With his proud mum

And younger brother

And even younger brother, wow, he's tall now!  
...and proud dad

Congratulations Daniel, from your aunt, uncle and cousins on the west coast!
A job well done:)


  1. Congratulations to Daniel! Best wishes on a bright new future in
    Computer Science.
    PS. Pretty handsome Guy there!

  2. Ah, wonderful blog post!
    Yes, it was a proud day indeed!
    But.....the most amazing part is. He has a JOB! A good one too.
    YEAH for DANIEL!

  3. Congrats Daniel! His proud Mama says he has a job..that is even better!! He ought to have broken a few hearts ..he is very handsome:)

  4. He is single too....
    Just putting it out there:-)


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