Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkey Time

Tonight was our night for turkey dinner.
I saw Larry wandering around outside picking flowers, and then he arranged them like this.  I didn't know he was so talented.  I think next year he's going to have to help me make the bouquets for the market.

Our turkey looked a little weird though, and it wouldn't stay up straight. 
That's because it's limbs had all been cut off.

We wanted to share

Hope all you Canadians had a great Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I had forgotten that we celebrate at different times. Did the dogs love their raw turkey? We got turkey necks last week and LOVED them. We are not on a raw diet so it was a super huge treat for us :)

    Emma Rose

  2. I hope you made the dogs say grace before they ate! They are so well behaved, they probably would.

  3. Happy Thnaksgiving...loved the bandanas and the dogs waiting for their feast.

  4. Oh yes, the dogs loved their raw meat. Tried to get a picture of Luna with her paws on the 'table', but by that point they had had enough of posing, and actually wanted to get away. It was quite interesting really. As soon as I said 'leave it', the dogs wanted to have nothing to do with the food, and really just wanted to leave the whole area. They were sure bouncing around when they knew they were actually going to get it though. And I will stock up on cheap turkeys for future meals.

  5. Boy oh boy, that turkey looks good. Now I know where all the limbs went! Happy Turkey Day!

  6. You guys are hysterical sitting there waiting for your turkey..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Y'all know how to do it up right! Wings and Necks for the dogs (raw is the best way to cook them ;) and the rest for the humans (not raw - good idea ;)


  8. Happy Thanksgiving a little late! Looks like a feast for all..and your best friends are so well behaved!! I have never fed Chance anything raw..and we never give him bones unless they are huge hock bones..perhaps we baby him too much:)


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