Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Setting Sun

I love it when we've had a dull day, and then the clouds break and the sun comes out just before it sets.  It seems to make the the colours so vibrant, and this time of year everything seems to just glow.  About 5 yesterday afternoon we headed over to Douglas Taylor Park to take the dogs for a walk.

When I first looked at this shot in the camera after I had taken it, I thought, ooh, look at that big hawk sitting on the telephone wire.  The joys of needing reading glasses:(, which I actually have, just not with me.

A blueberry field on Mt. Lehman Road

On the trail, where the sun was gone and the light was dim, and I was trying to get the dogs to stay still enough so that they wouldn't be totally out of focus.

Lousy picture or not, a good time was had by all:)


  1. Those trees are absolutely beautiful!
    Benny & Lily

  2. So was that just something on the lense?

  3. The first three pictures were taken from the car, so what I thought was a hawk was that little leaf on the windshield that is nicely positioned to look like it's on the power line.


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