Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Drive with a View

 This morning I headed off to a farmers market in Abbotsford.  They are holding five markets before Christmas.  I hadn't planned on going to this market, but we were swamped with eggs, and this was a place I could sell some.  It sure is dark these mornings.  I had lucked out though and it was going to be a beautiful day.  That is Mt. Baker in Washington off in the distance.  Here I am only 7 miles north of the Canada/US border.
It is illegal to drive while using a cell phone in B.C.  It has to be a hands free device.  I guess the same would apply to try to take a photograph while you are driving.  No worries, I couldn't manage to do it anyway, and had to pull over.

Looking across Matsqui Prairie

Isn't it beautiful, with the sun just coming up behind.
Mt. Baker is an inactive volcano.  You used to be able to see a couple of steam plumes to the right of the peak, but I haven't noticed them for a long time.

The market went well, and lots of eggs were sold.  I had cut all the decent dahlia flowers and put them in bunches of 10 or 12 blooms.  I know they won't last very long as cut flowers, as their time is just about done. I decided to use them as a fund raiser for the Heart and Stroke foundation.  I had 20 bunches, and they brought in donations totaling $58.20.  I will donate that in memory of Larry's aunt Margaret Wyatt, who passed away in February of this year, and of my dad, who died of a heart attack while out on his sailboat, 24 years ago at the end of November.  


  1. I adore Mt. Baker! Every trip out West I love to see it's majestic beauty.
    To think that we skiied on that mountain in my 'oh so atheletic and fit' days.

  2. the panda would say 'drop that e'

  3. Which 'e'?

    Cathy, did you go skiing at Mt. Baker more than the one time I remember?
    My memory was of going with friends who had been told they could NOT go to the states (health insurance issues). We were so hoping nothing would go wrong. I don't even know if I got much skiing in, all I remember is my borrowed boots being extremely uncomfortable and eventually painful.

  4. I think I only skiied there once and I don't even remember who I was with. So that would have been in my 'athletic, fit and remember things so much better' days.

  5. sure are beautiful pictures
    Happee Halloween
    Benny & Lily

  6. That last shot of Mt. Baker is GORGEOUS!

  7. What a Wonderful Idea for a Fundraiser. Love all the pictures
    Your Friends


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