Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And we're off....

Our home away from home is packed and ready to go.  We're off to Calgary, to the dog Agility Nationals at Spruce Meadows.  I'll be competing, well sort of, well hopefully having fun, with Jake.  Really it was just an excuse to have somewhere definite to go so we could get away on a bit of a holiday.  The remaining family members have been coached on looking after everything at home, and what to pick to get to the market on Sunday.  (Some things just can't wait for us to get back)

We found out today we have a growth on the roof of the trailer

It's an igloo

It's a wasp's nest
We had thunder and lightening and a tremendous downpour today, so it got a little battered.   When the trailer was pulled out from under its shelter a couple of weeks ago, it seems that the wasps couldn't find their nest, even though it was only 100 ft away.  There is nothing happening with this one, but there are wasps building a new nest under the shelter now.

For the heck of it we thought we'd leave it and see how it survives the drive:)


  1. Make sure the wasps don't fly into your drinks if you have a picnic - happened to us at the zoo. Oh - and good luck!

  2. Holy crap that is a scary nest. Glad those things are no longer in it. Good luck at the event
    Benny & Lily

  3. I think those are alien wasps. They are goin to take over your farm while you are gone because you are driving off with their space ship.
    Beware of pissed off alien wasps!

    Sendin you some alien wasp spray,

  4. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for visiting my Blog and your input. I did reply to your comments on that blog page under comments.
    I love your Blog, great dogs, farm, flowers. Looks like a wonderful setting!

  5. Took a brief break from blogosphere (I was trapped in a bathroom reno) and so missed saying good luck!
    How did it go? Let us know!


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