Monday, August 23, 2010

Darling Deer....hmm, maybe not

It's always nice to see deer around.  This one is in our neighbour's field.  We see more wildlife there than our own place, as it is a large open field, that we overlook.

And then I remembered the eaten off raspberry canes, pole bean and peas in the orchard garden.
Begone, you damn pest!

Oooh, nice extended trot. 
Can you tell I used to ride horses?

And here's why we need to put in a higher fence.

Actually, the blood meal I have been tossing around seems to work, as long as I remember to reapply it occasionally.  And now I am putting it on the leaves of some new beans, to try discourage the rabbits.
There was a rabbit in the back yard this morning.
The nerve!
The dogs didn't even see it, and I had to encourage them to go after it.
I need to convince them to catch their own raw food.


  1. So glad I'm not the only person who gets all excited when they snag a nice movement shot. :)

  2. Cool pictures. We though we saw rasberries on his face..
    Benny & Lily

  3. Glad to see the deer at your place. Good fortune & quick action meant I missed the deer on the I-5 expressway 3 days ago but the other car didn't.
    So hope yours isn't too much of a nuisance. Yes, great photos.

  4. I just can't wrap my brain around thinking of them as pests - they're so cute!

    But my inlaws in the interior are constantly kvetching about them because they eat their entire garden, ornamentals and edibles!


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