Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Holy Crap!

Let's all sing along.....

Yep, we got a big surprise yesterday morning.   Larry looked at something on the trail and said 'wow, that's a big coyote poop' 

Umm, no, I think that's bear poop

And those bears must have had a lot of blackberries at their picnic.
I held my hand over it to see if was still warm, and then actually stuck my finger in, and it was stone cold.  After all, it's only digested blackberries.  I just had to remember on the way back not to pick and eat any blackberries with that hand:)

I walked back later with the camera to get that shot, and needed something to show how really big it was, and I don't have a small foot!

In the meantime, the dogs have taken off in all directions, Calli was barking on our north property line, and then next thing we hear her in our south neighbours.  Jake and Luna are running around madly.  I'm keeping close to Larry and making noise, just in case that cracking in the bushes was the bear heading in our direction, being chased by a dog.  Finally we got everyone back.  Luna had run so much she was laying down on the trail, trying to cool her belly.  I have never seen her do that before on a walk through there, and she and Jake were glad to get into the water mud hole to cool off.
Now for all we know the dogs could have just been on a fresh coyote scent, as they didn't really show any interest in the bear poop, but we were being pretty cautious.  

Last evening David came back from walking the south neighbour's dog in their back field, and he said there was bear poop back there, and the blackberry bushes were all thrashed around. 
As long as it leaves MY blackberry bushes alone!

Needless to say, we didn't walk through the bush this morning.  I said, what if the bear is sleeping out there, and the dogs wake it up?:(


  1. We on a rare occasion have had a black bear in our garbage and on our side porch. Thankfully, they are pretty spooky. :0) Cute blog...loved the singing bears.

  2. We have only seen one bear in the 24 years we have lived here, although there is a supposed to be one in the area, as we have heard that said for the past few years. That poop is the most we have ever seen of it though.

  3. That is one MASSIVE poop! It's huge! And it looks funny... but that would be cool photo for the blog, though!


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