Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thrifty Blue and White

I better get this posted before it is such old news that it won't be worth it.  So last week I was at the thrift store on Monday morning at opening time.  Actually, I lie, I was probably a couple of minutes late.  Fortunately no one else had been lined up to get what I had my eye on.  So there is a bit of a back story here.  Larry's mum, many years ago had one or two of these blue and white plates made by Johnson Bros. in England, the pattern is called Countryside.  Somehow she had found out that the plate was worth about $15, so after that it became a sort of special plate.  When she moved to a care home in about 2008 or so, and we were sorting out all her things, Meredith said she would like the plates. (You know Meredith is a collector of blue and white)  And then the same thing happened again when we were sorting out my mum's things, she had one or two of the plates as well.  Meredith herself has maybe picked the odd piece or two of the set, and I got her 4 cups and saucers one time for a total of $10 at this same thrift store.  A month or two ago, quite a selection of the Countryside pattern had showed up at the store.  They priced it with white tags (which only come on sale 4 times a year), and the prices were quite high.  A few things were sold, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed that what was left of it now had blue tags, and blue tags were going to be half price starting Monday of last week.  And so, because Meredith can only get there on weekends, and I will take any excuse to stop at the thrift store, I said I would try get there first thing on Monday morning.  The plates were still there, and that was what Meredith wanted, so I got her seven dinner plates for $2 each, and two side plates for $1.25 each.

Then I found these pyrex glass bowls, with a blue stencil.  As I often do, I take a picture and text Meredith.  Sometimes she is able to reply, sometimes not.  I didn't hear back, but thought for $2, I would just buy them anyway. The set was all taped together, and I didn't look at them too carefully.  They are quite scratched up, so Meredith decided she didn't want them.  I think I might keep them.

Since we are on a blue and white theme here, I bought this waist pack for $.75.  It was very new looking.

And also this waterproof jacket for $2.50.  I thought it would be a good idea for walking or running in the dark.  You know, you feel less guilty spending a few dollars when you sort of have a half ass reason as to why you need to buy it. Ha ha!  It works for me anyway.  I love jackets and bags of various sorts.

On Wednesday I had an appointment at the bank, which conveniently is very close to my usual thrift store, and also another one a bit farther down the street.  So I went to the second one, and found another blue thing.  This cute little set of binoculars. $1.  They are sitting in the palm of my hand.

They are so light weight, they are perfect for taking on a walk or hike, and they work well.

And that thrift store happened to be having a half price sale on Friday and Saturday, and somehow I found myself there.  I really don't have any sort of 'reason' for buying this, other than it was 'ONLY $4!!'.  A Sadler (England) teapot and creamer and sugar bowl, autumn themed.  Also the other little sugar bowl, also Sadler, for $.25.  Oh my.  A lady came up to me when she saw me tucking the set into my basket and told me that she was soooo glad I was buying it (giving it a good home!)  She said she used to have the same set, and tried to replace the teapot way back when, and it was $35 back then.....

So after scrolling through pages and pages of Sadler teapots on Ebay, I actually did find that set. (Wow, they make an amazing variety of tea pots!)  Mine was a mere $40 Canadian, but add $50 to that for shipping from the U.S. and import duties, and I guess it makes $4 look pretty good.

And a shout out to the wonderful two Spring days we have just had! A nice reminder that it doesn't rain here every day, although sometimes it seems like it.
 I attempted to break the clothesline on Tuesday when I hung three loads of clothes out, which all dried in the sunshine and breeze.


  1. whew! that thrift store is dangerous :D
    I live by my rule of whatever I buy I have to donate the same- it keeps me from buying because
    I like the ones I have at home. Oh how i miss hanging clothes outside...

    1. It is dangerous:) What do you do if you don't have the 'same' to donate? Meredith did say she was going to donate other plates of my mum's that she had also kept, ones that were nothing special, she had just needed more plates. At home I have an ongoing pile of stuff that is to be donated. I have been going through all of the kitchen cupboards, so have paired down a lot, and there is now actually room with some to spare, for what I have.

    2. I had a conversation yesterday about how I wished there was a tchotchke "library" so you could enjoy it maybe with a choice to buy type thing... then I realized I do that with goodwill- I buy and bring back so many things and buy other things hahaha :D

  2. Wonderful finds you have there ! Oh to be able to hang the cloths on the line again I cant wait for spring and summer to do that . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. That does look like you were having a lot of fun. It is more fun when you know your getting something on a sale. I like the blue dishes.

  4. You got some good deals there!! I was there Tuesday morning and found some things but wasn't really looking for anything in particular.
    I have been absolutely loving these past days of sunshine. On my walk this morning I encountered this very stylish looking young woman who surprised me by throwing her arms in the air and declaring that this sunshine did wonders for her soul. Amen.

  5. Such pretty plates and a bargain price too! You must have quite a few thrift shops in your area. We only have one and I hardly ever find anything, I do better at garage sales in the summer! Great buy on the Tea Set too! :)

    1. Yes, we do have quite a few thrift shops. It helps to make up for all the rain we get sometimes;-) We are 20 minutes from three different towns. I can think of seven in the town I go to most often, there is one in a little burg about 12 minutes away, and the other two towns have their own selection too, although I only visit one or two there on the odd occasion. I seem to do better at the thrift shops than garage sales, but looking forward to some of those this summer.

  6. WTG. I am becoming a thrift shop regular now :)


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