Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One Fine Day

On Tuesday, it was just like Spring.  A fond memory now that we are back into a stretch of clouds and rain.  It was so lovely, and sunny, and warm. 

Because we, or at least one of us, had to head into town to pick up the antibiotics that Larry had to start today for tomorrow's eye surgery, I suggested we take the dogs along and walk them on a different dyke.  So we got on the freeway and got off at exit 99 at the Cole Rd rest stop.  I was driving and I parked there and I saw Larry make a face, and there was mention of it being a bit of a walk to get on the actual dyke.  I said well it just starts over there, but totally forgot about the park we had to walk through just down the road to get the part of the dyke I was thinking of.  Anyway, we plodded off, and I'm sure poor Calli was just about pooped out by the time we got there.  We walked down a bit of the dyke before we turned around. Did I say it was a beautiful day?....:)

Mt. Baker in Washington State peeking over the shoulder of Vedder Mountain.

Mt Cheam and Lady Peak in the background, and blueberries behind the dogs.

  The warm weather had brought out a ton of tiny little bugs down near the water level.

  There were a few Common Mergansers in the river, but it was hard to get a decent photo. I kept telling them to stay still but they wouldn't listen.

The eagle slingshot:)

And another Bald Eagle just across the river.  

If we don't leave so many years between visits, I might remember to park in the right spot next time.


  1. Stunning photos , full of motion and life, really nice

  2. It's very pretty where you live! I love the eagle slingshot! I can't believe how much exercise you all get...out in the fresh air. That is what Poppy and I need!

  3. In the third photo Calli sure doesn't look her age. With that look of enthusiasm on her face.
    Great Eagle pics too. All best wishes and prayers that all goes well for Larry's surgery tomorrow.

  4. Oh I like the Eagle Slingshot photo! :)


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