Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's Five O'clock Somewhere

This afternoon was my biweekly egg run to White Rock.  Because Larry was out with David on a Land Rover event, and I didn't think they would be back until late afternoon, I decided to take Jake and Luna with me, and I thought I could walk them at Campbell Valley Park on the way home.  There is a seasonal off-leash area that is closed in the summer because it is a hay field, but is open Fall, Winter and early Spring.  I'd say it is a 'rubber boots are mandatory' kind of walk.  It certainly was today.  This morning had started out decent, and then before long the clouds had rolled in and then before mid afternoon it started to rain.  As I headed to White Rock, there was a band of blue sky in the west, and that gradually moved east and it dried up.  We got to the dog park about 5 pm, and the last of the sun was catching the trees on the east edge of the field. 

I must remember to take the camera along with me more often.  Once again, cheap phone pictures.
 It was one of those big sky, big clouds late afternoons.  I think you might know by now that I like taking sky pictures:)
Looking southwest

The setting sun is that bright spot underneath that evergreen in the left half of the photo

Looking south. Da plane, da plane!

Southerly silhouette 

Looking back west on the way home.  Not exactly a red sky at night, but the forecast is half decent for the next few days.

Just over half way home, between 248th St. and 256 St. on 16th Ave, is a night roosting area for thousands of crows.  It was a bit early still as I drove through, and they were just starting to gather. I have driven through there when it is a bit later, and it really is a bit of a fascinating, albeit creepy sight.  The trees are heavy with them.  Some barn roofs in that area are covered in in black crows. Sometimes the power wires are lined up with them. Thousands upon thousands of crows.

Reminiscent of this. 
A frame from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds


  1. Beautiful sky photos, even if with a phone camera!

  2. The pictures are beautiful and I love the Southerly Silhouette. Kind of looks like wolves. Oh, I just looked at your last post. I would love to have those two donkeys! Aren't they cute! But then, the goats are too. I would take them all! :) I meant to mention those crows! I would be a little afraid to walk along there. That last picture is scary!

  3. They all are such beautiful shots. All the birds in the last photo seems a little threatening.

  4. Love those cloud photos! I am not fond of crows though. Nasty birds! Can you believe we just might have some sunny days this week??

  5. Pretty skies! I loved the Luna and Jake at dark...very nice:)

  6. Love the Southerly silhouette with your two dogs. That is a lot of crows! We have ravens here instead of crows but I have never seen so many in one place before!


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