Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Terrific Tuesday

It's always such a pleasure to get a decent day after one that was so wet and miserable as Monday. It just poured for much of the day and well into the evening. Driving was miserable, and the trip into Vancouver to the Opthalmologist was one of those sort of 'white knuckle on the steering wheel' ones.  Much of it is on the freeway, and the amount of spray thrown up by the vehicles was almost blinding sometimes.  Oh I sound like I'm getting old!  
Still waiting, fingers crossed, for the transplant in Larry's eye to sort itself out and for the cells to do their job.  It's a bit worrying, as the doctors comment every time the first eye was checked, was 'perfect!' We are waiting to hear a 'perfect' for this eye. We go back again tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday was chiropractor morning for the dogs.  They don't get a bush run that morning, because it is so wet and muddy out there right now, that they would be just filthy and wet.  I headed off with them for a 10am appointment, and as our route takes us past where we walk on the dyke, they all think that is where were are going, and sometimes there is much anticipatory whining in my ear on the way. I'm sure they are disappointed when that is not where we end up, but hopefully feel better after their adjustments and the treats that are handed out.  All dogs were in rough shape this time, particularly Jake.  He protested a bit, but should feel much better now.  I'm interested to see if it has any affect on his 'fear' of the slippery floor at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

Since we have to pass the dyke on our way back, it makes sense to walk them there, which is what we did.  I took this picture to send to my sister in Ontario who has just come through a bitterly cold spell, and yesterday was dealing with a huge dump of snow.  That is blue sky in the distance and the temperatures are very mild.

These photos are taken with my cheap little phone, so not the best...
In the afternoon I did take the dogs through the bush, and when I looked back at the house, this was the sky. A blue hole....
It wasn't as dark as it appears here, there is no way I'd be going through the bush if it was.

It was a very slow walk, Calli did a lot of this.

"I can't believe you made me go through this puddle three times just to take a photo"
And then she got stuck in the mud

And the sky on the way back.  This was about 5pm. Loving the longer evenings and early mornings!


  1. Karen, I don't like driving on white-knuckle days! It looks like you take such good care of your animals!


  2. Very pretty photo of Calli! I suppose you had to unstick her from the mud:) Hope all dgoes well with Larrys eye. I don't like to drive anyplace there are more than a couple of vehicles:)

  3. Yesterday sure was a nice break from the rain!


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