Tuesday, April 29, 2014


While Calli was obviously feeling better, back to normal I'd say, I wasn't sure about her eyes.  Some days they looked good, sometimes not so good.  Was she producing tears again?   I thought so, but I wasn't sure.  I decided to make another vet appointment.  Our vet is open on a Saturday.  Usually when I drive past Saturday morning, there seems to be all sorts of vehicles in the tiny parking area.  This past Saturday seemed to be slightly less busy, but it was a total shock when we were taken straight into the examining room.  I can't remember that ever happening before.  We were only in there a couple of minutes before Dr. B came in.  He looked at her eyes, did the Schirmer Tear Test, and hooray, her tear production was back to normal.  He remarked how she is doing amazingly well considering what life has dealt her.  

I took her back to the car and came back in to pay the bill, and was told that there was no charge.  Wow, I was thrilled.  I yelled thanks to Dr. B who had disappeared into the back.  There was a big jar on the counter which was half full of little fabric squares containing catnip.  They were $1 each, and were a fund raiser for a cat shelter I think.  I was feeling a bit generous after getting the free vet visit, so I put a $5 in the jar and brought Smudge home a present.  I was back home only 20 minutes after I had left.  Larry thought I must have forgot something when I arrived back so fast. I should of asked him what he thought I might have forgotten.  All I had needed to take was the dog.

 Then we gave the catnip toy to Smudge.   Many years ago we had a catnip plant, but whatever cats were around at that time killed it with love.  Then I had some catmint.  It wasn't quite as attractive to the cats, but even that seems to have died off.   We are easily amused, but it was quite entertaining watching Smudge and then Nelson with that little square of stuffed cotton:)   

The toy was just gross by the time I took it away from them.  So wet with cat slobber that I could have wrung it out.  I pinned it on the clothesline, and it got rained on overnight, and then we gave it back to them to get slobbered on again.


  1. Ahhh, legal stimulants!

  2. Ha ha, our three kitties love their catnip too! So much fun for all!
    Our Vet does free follow-ups most of the time...love that!

  3. I enjoyed seeing Jake in the background in his chair just watching! I used to buy catnip for our cats and put it in a paper grocery sack...wild times:)

  4. This is so cute. Luna is cute too with her little pink tongue out.


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