Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Belated Happy Easter!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!  As usual I am a day late. (okay, now I'm two days late, it's been a hectic few days)

Some random stuff.....
I want to thank my wonderful supportive egg customers.  Another egg run to White Rock on Sunday.  44 dozen sold, three large jars of jam, and 20 bags of collard and kale Spring leaves and sprouts.  It's like having a mini market in the space of 25 minutes.

No chocolate eggs here, but  I was in the dollar store with my mother on Sunday as well,  and actually did buy a chocolate bar and some choclatey chewy candies.  As we were driving away I felt the candy suck the temporary crown right off the top of my tooth.  So then I am trying to fish the chewy chocolatey mess out of my mouth so I can save the crown, all while driving.  The temporary crown was saved, it's still 10 days until I get the real crown on, so I'll probably want to get the temp glued back on, as the tooth is quite sensitive without it.  (as of Tuesday, the tooth has settled down a bit, but I'll give the dentists office a call and see if the temporary crown needs to be glued back on)

Sunday I washed some dirty farm jeans, some dog towels and a stuffed rabbit dog toy.  As I was hanging the rabbit out, it suddenly seemed very funny, as I was thinking of the Easter bunny and how he was.......all washed....hung out to dry....just hanging out after a long day and a shower (Larry's contribution).


The last time I visited my mother, she handed me a white top. Could I just sew round the sleeves.  What impressed me was that despite being frail and 84, and only being able to use one hand, she had cut the sleeves off evenly and pinned them up.  I decided to sew them with a twin needle, which works nicely on stretchy fabric.  Imagine my surprise after I had finished, that the hem I had done matched perfectly with the one already on the bottom (which I hadn't looked at before I started)



While out with the dogs Sunday morning, I spotted this conjoined triplet dandelion.


Calli finally seems better.  She seemed worse on Saturday than she was on Friday, and not so great Sunday morning either, but I took her out for a little walk and she seemed interested and then when a tossed the ball gently for her she had fun with that.  Larry said she seemed more alert and interested in what was going on in the afternoon, when I was out.  Yesterday she seemed pretty good, and we did take her out for an abbreviated bush walk.  Her eyes seem somewhat better, I think.  I'm still putting the drops in them.

And the big exciting news is that the 'subjects' have been removed on Meredith's purchase offer, and as of the end of May she will have her own condo.  On Saturday she went through all the stuff she had stored in the attic from a time that she was renting a place with a friend.  That created an excuse to make a run to the thrift store, as she had some furniture and some small stuff to get rid of.  We wandered around the furniture thrift store, and had a good laugh over some of the furniture.  One weird two toned green and brown  three piece set had cushions so hard that you hit them with a thud and didn't sink in at all.  No worries about guests overstaying their visit with that set.  The most amazing/weirdest set was this one.  It was huge. Even the pillows were over sized.


I felt like I had climbed up the bean stalk and was in the giant's castle.  The seat was so wide, either you had to perch on the edge to get your feet on the floor, or if you sat right back your legs were stuck out straight. I was sort of half way in between in this picture.  I'm 5'6". Five of me could have fit on this couch, four on the loveseat, and at least two on the chair.  I can't imagine this in anyone's home, and would love to know where it came from.  It's certainly not going to be gracing Meredith's living room.


  1. great post! the egg picture the eggs look so delighfully fresh.
    wow that dandilion is weird! omg that couch is too!!
    fun read :)

  2. Glad to hear you had a good egg run . Love the photo of you on that huge couch . Hope Calli will be ok . WOW ! never seen a dandelion like that before ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  3. I think that is the real Easter bunny
    Lily & Edward

  4. Wish you lived nearby, I would be on your egg run visit for sure! Many congratulations to Meredith and her new Condo purchase!
    That is a huge couch, not really a fan, ha ha. I love my classic leather sofa, it works in most any setting.

    1. Yeah, a bit of a long drive to get eggs:)
      I agree with you on the leather, especially since Meredith is taking Smudge with her, and her white hairs stick to everything (except the leather).

  5. Love that large furniture! My daughter would love it too as nearly all her menfolk are 6 feet plus now and growing! Happy Belated Easter too, sounds like you should make a few more of those abbreviated runs! :)

    1. I make those runs every two weeks. Some are more profitable than others:)

  6. What a neat job your mother did turning up those sleeves. She must be the reason you know how to do so many things, so well. Hope sweet Calli is feeling better. Oh, I love your bunny hanging on the clothesline. I went to the thrift store and bought Eli a teddy bear and a stuffed dog.


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