Sunday, April 13, 2014

Garage Sale Season

This weekend is the first one this year that could be considered a sure thing for garage sales.  The weather is great, and I figured it might be worthwhile heading out to find some bargains.  Way back in the days before farmers markets, I used to go to garage sales most Saturday mornings.  When your kids are little, you can find everything you need for them at garage sales.  But back to the present, where most of our Saturdays in garage sale season are taken up by the farmers markets..... when I have the opportunity to head out, I jump at it.  Most sales start at 8 or 9, and a random one at 10.  There was one really close to home, that started at 10.  We drove by, but the gates were closed and they didn't have much stuff out yet, so we just kept going.  Their loss. We had earlier opening ones to get to.   We are pickier now as to what we buy, or at least I try to be:)  Although if something is a dollar or less, and I like it but wonder if I really need it, well sometimes I succumb to the urge:)

Here's some of the things I brought home.

2 "C" clamps -$1  I can use those to help in some of my furniture projects, or to clamp some of the props on my farmers market table.  Stanley brand.

Bird feeder with easy open metal roof and frame - $1

Cute wire 'egg' basket shaped like a chicken - $1  I am visualizing it lined with moss and a plant growing out of the back

Fabric waterproofing -  50 cents
70 wire ground staples -$2   I use them to hold down netting, plastic or landcape fabric
A small roller thing - 25 cents

IMG_6916Cool Chicago Metallic brownie pan with lift out divider and bottom -$1
Gardening tool - $1
Excellent dog training book- 50 cents
Microwave, doesn't appear to have been used - $15.

A whole selection of magic bullet stuff, including two different blades and cups with sippy type lids - free.  That made up for the toaster that I bought at the same place for $1 and then found out it took forever to turn off, and the only way to speed it up was to pull out the plug.  Also it wasn't insulated and got burning hot.  A good reminder to me as to what the requirements of a toaster really are.

The microwave and maybe a few other things will be for one of two people that I know that will be setting up on their own in the next little while.


  1. I see your garage sale season has started! You got some good buys! That brownie pan looks interesting:)

  2. There are some good finds at some garage sales
    Lily & Edward

  3. Nice haul...I love my Magic Bullet. It makes great smoothies in the morning.


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