Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Did the Chicken NOT Want to Cross the Road?

'Cause the road was where the light was, of course!

Last night, just after dark, we got a call from one of our neighbours.  She said she had just got home, and one of our chickens was stood in the middle of the road.  We had seen one on the driveway earlier when we went out, but hadn't noticed it when we got home.  There are one or two chickens that manage to get through the fence along the driveway, outside of our front gate.  Generally, they always seem to get back through before dark.    We grabbed a couple of flashlights and dashed out there.   Our road isn't particularly busy, but cars do go fairly fast.   There is a dead end road that tee's into our road, directly across from our driveway.   Therefore, the powers that be determined that was a good place for a street light, which it is, and we reap the benefits of it.  That piece of road, right at the bottom of our driveway, is nice and bright.  Our chicken was stood in the middle of that bright spot.  We foolishly thought we'd be able to grab her easily.  Wasn't happening.  We tried to herd her off the road into the darker area.  She wasn't having anything to do with that, and kept dashing around us back to the bright spot.  We made a few grabs at her and missed.  I made contact once but was unable to maintain it.  We could see a car coming up the road, 3/4 of a mile away.  We moved faster, the chicken moved faster, we were starting to worry.  I was thinking I was going to have to wave my flashlight around and try to stop the car, which was coming fast.  Thank goodness Larry made a successful lunge, got hold of the hen, and took her back to the coop.  I suppose it's time to add some more wire to that fence.


  1. I never knew chickens were afraid of the dark! I would have loved to see a video of this, ha ha!

    1. Yes, a video would have been funny:) Chickens like to be in a nice safe place by dark. That's why, generally, they go into their coop on their own, as it starts to get dark. Some of ours will hang around outside the coop for a little while, in the light that spills through the doorway or window, but will eventually head in there.

  2. A suicidal chicken! Glad you saved her..perhaps she feels left out at the coop:)


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