Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Here's a couple of 1964 pictures.   There aren't many pictures of me alone.  I was heading off to a birthday party. My mother would have made my dress.


This was our first pet in Canada, the first of many.  His name was Tiptoes, as in 'tiptoe...through the tulips'.  He must have been a cooperative cat who liked to keep the top of his head in the shade.  We had a cat in England by the same name, that we left with my aunt.  With little sister Cathryn (Cathy) and one of my friends, Joan, who was in my class and lived on the next street over.



  1. Love your Throwback photos; and your sunny smile.

  2. The cat seems to like the attention! We were never allowed a cat except in the barn. I had a dress real similar to yours but about 1958..I must be a tad older than you:)


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