Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Fine Day

Friday was a beautiful day.  A high of 10 C or 50 F, sunshine, a nice breeze.  The perfect day for hanging your laundry on the clothes line.

Do your clothes hang high?
Do they reach up to the sky?
Do they droop when they are wet?
Do they stiffen when they're dry?
Can you semaphore your neighbour
With a minimum of labour
When your clothes hang high?


The laundry was drying fast,  I hung six loads out today.  No, we didn't have that many dirty clothes.  I washed mattress covers, bedding, blankets and cushion covers as well as clothes.  The sixth load was the one that broke the camel's back clothesline post.  Not the actual clothesline, which I've had happen too many times, and that ALWAYS happens when the line is full of clean wet clothes, because of course that is when it is the heaviest.  This time it was the monstrous 6x6 treated post.  I pushing the line out, and I wondered about that heavy, heavy cotton blanket, and then there was a crack, and the clothesline sagged.  Thankfully everything was still held up off the ground, and the post hadn't fallen over, probably because it was fastened to the wire fence next to it.  Larry went out and tied a rope to the post and then to a nearby tree to make sure it didn't fall over.  Can you see the post just beyond the last clothes?  I guess 27 years of being in the ground had just slowly rotted it away, and that heavy cotton blanket was the last straw.


Do your clothes hang low?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them o'er your shoulder
Like a continental soldier
When your clothes hang low?

Not much left of our snow is there?  Mild temperatures and a good wind has made short work of it.
More snow predicted for Saturday night though:(


  1. dont you love getting the winter dust out of everything?!
    you must have a giant washer!
    love your laundry song :)
    (my version says balls LoL)

  2. Wish I had a clothesline, this is the first place we haven't had one. Your snow sure disappears fast! :)

  3. Your green is such a welcome sight to these winter-weary eyes.

  4. Yep…know that tune. Yeah…you must have a monster washer! Nice to have a lil sunshine right about now!

  5. Ha ha, fun post! I have a sign in our laundry room "laundry today or naked tomorrow"


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