Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Few Things Accomplished.

Right now I am picking away at some projects that are taking much longer than I thought they would.  But then that's nothing new.  The potential for projects around here is endless.

I did manage to get a small plot of potatoes planted this morning, just as it was starting to rain.  Those hens all volunteered to help, but I said thanks very much, but I'll do it myself.


I've talked a few times about painting the tool handles orange.  We are both terrible at leaving tools where we were last using them, and not putting them away.  Mostly it is because jobs never seem to get finished in one go, so you leave the tool(s) there so that they are ready when you go back to finish it.  Then something else seems more important/more exciting to do, and the tools get forgotten.  We waste a lot of time looking for things.  At least this way they are easier to spot.  Oh sure, if we would just put them away, it would be even better, but since we can't remember to put them away, that's where the problem lies.


Larry saw the handles and said what a horrible colour it was.  My dear, that is just the point, maybe we'll actually see them out there.

I worked on a piece of furniture in the livingroom, and I think I can say that is finished for now.  Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.

We are trying to get things sorted out and cleaned up.  Progress in slow.   We usually have a box or bag on the go that will be dropped off at the thrift store.  Things leave here, but then I can bring stuff in just as fast.

Some neighbours of ours, that have lived here almost as long as us, have sold and have moved to a townhouse in town.  Their son, who helped them move, asked us if we wanted to come and have a look at anything left in the garage and workshop that we might need.  There were a few things for sale, we bought a lawnmower and a drill press, and then we poked around and gathered all sorts of odds and ends.  A wheelbarrow, hoses, small weadeater, shovels, a rake, on and on.  Somethings we were undecided on, actually it was a bit overwhelming.   The son said well we had until 12 noon today, before the new owners took possession, if we wanted to come back for anything.  I went back in the afternoon as we had thought of a use for something we had turned down in the morning.  Some guys were there with a couple of bins on the backs of trucks and were doing cleanup of some of the old junk that tends to accumulate on an acreage, as well as the rest of the stuff us neighbours didn't want.  I did manage to get some of what I went back for.

We went back again in the evening and inadvertently took a wheelbarrow that belong to the bin guys.  It was upside down in the bin, we thought it was going to the dump, and figured we would 'save ' it.   I got a phone call from the son early this afternoon.  He said they were just finishing up, and the wheelbarrow belonging to the bin guys had gone missing.  They were wondering if one of the neighbours had been by and taken it.  Oops.  I apologized up and down and sideways, felt like an idiot, etc.  He said the bin guy was going to stop by for it in a few minutes.  I rushed out to the barn and took it out to him.  Apologized all over the place again, as I'm giving him a dozen eggs.  He was very nice about it, and said they have got another job there, as the new owners are going to replace the roof shortly.  We'll have to wander over one day and introduce ourselves.  Thank goodness it wasn't the new owner's wheelbarrow that I wandered off with. That really would be getting off on the wrong foot.


  1. You have the richest looking garden spot. I'm sure it took work to get soil that looks like that. Those hens would scratch and flatten the place in no time! :) Our garden is fenced in, but the chicken drive me crazy scratching in flower beds when there is acres of woods and leaves around! I love the wheelbarrow story! Sounds like something we would do!

    1. Most of our veggie gardens have some sort of fence around them. There are a few hens right now that are getting in there. I spent time yesterday trying to figure out how they were doing it. Of course as soon as I got distracted, that's when one appeared. I removed/fixed a couple of possibilities. We'll see how it goes today. All it takes is one hen to destroy a newly seeded or sprouted seed bed, so I usually have to put netting over or around them, inside the already fenced garden. Uggh!

  2. With the gift of a dozen fresh eggs, I'm sure you were quickly forgiven. Good story!

  3. I am certain he enjoyed the eggs! I bet he spray paints his name on that wheelbarrow now:)

  4. I like the tool handles Karen.

  5. I too always have a thrift store box going for donation in the garage. I have another for garage sale items going. But I am like you and still manage to bring more stuff in. Hopeful more is going out than coming in!

  6. Great idea…the orange paint. Love it.


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