Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Walk on the Wild Side

It was a lovely walk through our bush on Sunday morning.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and it really felt like Spring.  Some of the first signs we see are the wild bleeding hearts (dicentra formosa) .


Can you see the two drops of water held in the center of the leaf?
Don't you love all the little beads of water on the points of the leaves.


Here is the most striking wild sign of Spring, the smelliest too, although I didn't smell anything that morning.
Skunk cabbage (lysichiton americanus)
There were numerous plants growing in the creek, but only one was blooming.  There were raindrops on the Skunk Cabbage too.



The camera was just about in the creek for the next couple of shots.  Thank goodness for the flip out display on the back of it, or else I would have been in the creek too.



Here is our latest version to get Calli through that walk in the morning.  I showed you before how we used to hold her up by her tail.  Then we changed to a harness I had made back in the days when she was first hurt.  We would put the harness on her and then only use it when she had tired out and her back legs were starting to drag.  Both methods worked, but both were very hard on our arms and shoulders.  The latest version is for one of us to pull the cart with us, Calli walks as far as she can on her own, (about 1/4 of a mile or so) and then we put her in the cart to finish the rest of the walk.  At least with the cart, we don't have to support her weight, we just have to pull her along a bit.


Jake is a little put out because Luna stole his toy.  Here she is hoping that Larry will throw it for her.  She glances from the toy to Larry to the toy and back to Larry.  Kind of like she is trying to get your attention and show you what she wants you to throw.  Larry ignored her.


But when we got near the bottom of what used to be our riding ring, which used to be all sand, Luna found one of her basketballs.  Yes, I did kick it for her.


Things are once again right in Jake's world.  
Yes, I threw the toy for Jake.



  1. I've never seen those wild plants! Aren't they beautiful! Jake and Luna remind me of the Labs we had...always dropping a ball or stick at feet, wanting to play. I just love Callie too!

  2. What a beautiful walk. Great picture of the flower. Play time is always fun after a good hike
    Lily & Edward

  3. I love my bleeding hearts. They love their home in the shady corner of the yard up next to the house. Nice shot you got of the skunk cabbage!
    Ryker does that "look" thing too. If the ball is up on the counter he will do that back and forth look and maybe whine a little to get your attention. So funny. Once he has it he is always trying to shove it in your hand or if your sitting ...in your crotch! He is a happy little pest!

  4. Great view of the Skunk Cabbage bloom!! The dogs look happy in the sunshine! :)

  5. ohhh, the Green!! skunk cabbage is the plant of hope :D

  6. Love the almost in the creek pics. Always smile at your dogs, cuz it is just the same here.


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