Friday, March 14, 2014

For Daniel on Frugal Friday

Last summer when my sister and two of her boys were out from Ontario for a visit, my nephew Daniel could not get over the amount of groceries that I seemed to be able to find with a half price sticker slapped on them.  He joked that I must surely have my own roll of hot pink half price stickers that I discretely slapped on something I fancied.  Ha, I wish!
The small grocery store where I shop occasionally has some amazing bargains sometimes.  A few years ago a brand of detergent that I used was reduced in price, then the half price stickers were slapped on it.  I bought enough to last me until just recently, and just after I ran out, I found a different brand at half price.  Now if I find something extra special that is half price, I'll make a joke about how Daniel would be so impressed.

This week I got a few different things.  Yes, I'll buy something that is different, something that I wouldn't ordinarily buy, because it's fun to try something new, and well of course, because it only costs half as much as it would normally.



I actually picked up the pancake mix because I thought it was the Decadent cookie mix, but then thought what the heck, I'll try the pancake mix.  That was $1.74.  The syrup was $1.50 I think.

We ended up having the pancakes for supper last night.  Oh, I had something else planned, but I was tired out, and kept putting off getting started on supper, and finally just decided to make the pancakes.  All I had to do was add water.  They turned out great.  Not overly sweet, and a pretty decent ingredient list.  It made 21 pancakes.  Three of us had them for supper, and I finished them off for lunch today.


I ate mine with the caramel sauce on them, and some lemon yogurt.  I did have to pay full price for the yogurt, but there have been times I've found that for half price.  The combination was delicious.
Daniel, I wish you had been here to share them:)

PS  Here's proof that I got my Spring plants potted up, and they won't fade away in the flat.


This one could have used a few more plants.  I did have a couple of unhappy primulas that I'd brought home from my mum's warm room at the care home.  They looked happier already, out in the cooler air.  I also added some Tete a Tete daffodils that I had bought in pots last year, and had left to lanquish at the side of the house, unwatered, on their sides.  Some of them look like they are determined to try to bloom.  We'll see.



  1. The photos of blossoms are a treat for those of us who must wait several months...
    I always applaud your thriftiness!

  2. Your plantings are very pretty and should fill out nicely! So cheerful looking! I am a half price buyer too, love a good sale and since I have room in my pantry I buy the store leader items almost every week if it is something I use so I never have to pay full price for some items:)

  3. Oh my! I don't which looks best, the pancakes or the pots of flowers! Both look really good!

  4. I wish I had been there to share them too! And obviously I'm honoured to have been featured in one of your posts. :)

    1. It was a pleasure! Those pink tags make me think of you often:)

  5. I also love a good bargain!
    Flowers huh, we just got 16 inches of fresh snow so it will be a good while before I can think about posies. But I love seen yours :)


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