Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Calli, Cart, Ball

When we are staying in Oliver we visit the dog park every other day so that the dogs can have a good ball and frisbee session.  Calli had been cartless, and she loved chasing the ball, but her back legs didn't, so she ended up dragging them much of the way.  Last time we were there we decided to put her in the cart and see how that went.  Well, it went much much better, I don't know why we didn't do it before. Slaps forehead...Dah!  The field has a couple of baseball diamonds in it, is nice and flat, we quite often have it to ourselves, what better place to give her in her cart some freedom.  She still managed to tip it over once, but as soon as we got her upright she grabbed the ball and was ready to go again.  When we first started throwing the ball she was running part of the way, but by the time I remembered that the camera was in the truck, she had worn the edge off and was mostly trotting...FAST!   It was exciting to see her run, we haven't seen that for a few years.


After a bit, Jake in particular will start going to the gate (we usually forget to take water).  They know that there is a very narrow creek just past the pool, so if we open the gate they will dash over there and flop in the water, which is much better than drinking out of a bucket in their minds.  We all got a shock this last time, the creek had frozen over, and there was very little water left in it.  We were able to break enough ice to allow the dogs to drink though.




  1. Such a trooper ! Wonderful post . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  2. Bless her heart...and yours!

  3. Oh Calli, it is so fun to watch you run!

  4. It was fun to watch the video! She is a runner! Jake was more patient than Luna with the frisbee. Calli must feel so good to run!! :)

  5. You have a very nice blog, and your header collage is beautiful. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  6. What special people you are! That Calli is so sweet. Watching that video just made my day! Thank you!


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