Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun in the Sun and Snow

The dogs spent a lot of time Tuesday and Wednesday laid in the snow, chewing on bones.  This afternoon Jake tried to get Luna to play, but her bone was about 15 feet behind her and she is very protective of her food.  The only response she was giving Jake was a raised lip and a lot of teeth.  
He tried again a bit later, and had a bit more success.

I'm taking these pictures from the house, trying to dash from one window to another to get a good shot.  If I went out of the door, all play would stop.  Don't you hate it when you can't avoid getting the junky mess in the background.  


I bow, you bow, we all play together now


Jake heading down the driveway to run under the cedar hedge and the rhododendron bushes to frantically dig.  Just something he does when he gets all wound up when playing.  That was the end of Luna's involvement, next thing she was at the door demanding asking to come in.  Luna...demanding?...never:)


So Jake went back and started chewing on the bone Luna had.  I'll show her, he's probably saying.  He's in a blissful state, with his eyes closed...or maybe the sun was just too bright.


Are you talking about me?



  1. I missed your last posts about the snow storm. How beautiful!! I love watching the dogs in the snow! Calli is so sweet making it through the snow. I just enjoyed watching the video too. Our Weetie was asleep here in the rocking chair and she heard your dogs I can not convince her there is not a strange dog outside. It's so funny!

  2. A fun post. Jake and snow are a natural for photos, aren't they? He is such a gorgeous color.

  3. Happy snow dogs! Karen, If you have a favorite photo that you want the background fixed I would be glad to give it a try. Just send it to my email : sandy(at)

  4. Don't they love a good snow to play in….just like kids :0) We haven;t seen any snow this year in Green Valley :0( Big rain supposed to come tomorrow. Hope so!


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