Friday, March 30, 2012

Into the Great Black Abyss

I was walking away from the computer this morning, heading back to the stairs.  All of a sudden my reading glasses self destructed.  The frame around the lens suddenly broke and the lens shot into the great black abyss under the stairs. I wasn't even on the stairs yet, I was just next to them.  As you can see, they are unfinished stairs.  Just a couple of old 2x6's making up the treads, with no riser.  We did plan on making a storage area under the stairs, so there is a rectangular opening along the side.  It's a decent space, there are six stairs before stepping onto a landing.  It's a place I've piled some of the better kids toys.  The Lego and the Playmobil.  The toys I'm keeping for the future, if and when we have grandchildren.  No pressure, kids:)  It's kind of one of those cubby holes that gets forgotten about.  I daren't show you a closeup at what it looks like under there, but just take my word for it that the dust was thick enough to support it's own life forms.  I hate to think how long it's been since that space was emptied and cleaned.  You really don't want to know how long those stairs have been unfinished.  Luna goes up and down them a lot, and Luna packs a lot of dirt with her at times.  All that mud she races through dries on her undercarriage, and then sheds itself everywhere.

So I got a flash light and took a peek under the steps, but no lens to be seen.  There were a few cardboard boxes under there that had open tops.  I had no other option but to start hauling things out.  As I brought things out, I vacuumed them off and then wiped them down with a damp cloth.  It wasn't until I brought out the last box that I found the lens inside it, thank goodness.  I thought I might have  sucked it up with the vacuum somehow. 
I did vacuum up what was left of an egg.  How did an egg get in there I have to wonder.  Why didn't it stink as it was drying up.  Did someone know it was  there and just ignore it, because it was at the very back?  Was I that someone?     

 I threw out a bunch of stuff, and assigned a few things to a new place.  The toys were put back.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.......

I found an old vinyl table cloth, so I draped that over the pile of toys to keep them clean.  I got rid of the cardboard boxes.
Right now my glasses are held together with tape.  I'm wondering if I can crazy glue the frame to the lens.


  1. I repaired my mothers metal frame to the lens by using super glue and cotton.I added small layers of cotton ball & glue to bridge the has stayed repaired for weeks!

    1. Oh good, encouragement for me to try the glue. Once the frame is tight around the lens, that gap in the metal is closed up.

  2. Might as well give it a try.
    Funny how one little think leads to a big project. That looks like a good bunch of Legos to be enjoyed someday..when your kids cooperate:)

  3. And, the cleaning goes on and on.....I'm so impressed. And, too lazy to do it. I think we all have super glued our glasses!


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