Friday, September 9, 2011


Today was one of those crazy kind of days were you try to fit in too many things.  So the day started out with the usual zucchini picking, jam making fest.  Right after lunch we headed into the fair grounds to help set up for our club's agility trial.  Then we went for a tour of an assisted living facility. Next I headed to White Rock to visit my Mum briefly and see the  new wheelchair that she is trying out, and to give her the brochures about the two Assisted Living places I had been to.  Stopped at her place to water a few things and feed the cat, and then headed back 45 min to the Abbotsford and the agility trial.
So of course that meant I had brought a change of clothes along. 

I love these little shoes that I bought at Value Village, a large country wide, second hand store.  It is a business, not a non-profit, but they do buy items in bulk that non-profits get donated to them.
They cost me $9, were like new.  They are Teva's .  This year's model on their website cost about $90, if I remember correctly.  

My usually dirty, sometimes cracked heels are covered, and my dirty grotty toes.
Ya know, I can shove my feet into them and look half decent, even if I don't have time to scrub my feet clean.
I'm telling you, Larry has much nicer feet than me.

So I wore them with my cleaner, dressy clothes to do the tour, and then to the hospital.
When I got back to the agility trial, Larry shouted that there 12 dogs to run, and then Jake and I were in.
No time to change, I hadn't walked the course, so I just hung by the rail and watched the other dogs.  I did get a chance for a quick walk through while they changed the jump heights.
My little Teva's were great.  You can see the dirt from the ring on the sole.  Lots of traction, they felt good out there.
I was the most stylish one to grace the ring tonight.
Too bad we were eliminated. 
Yep, one 'off course' obstacle can do that to you.


  1. I dislike being too busy. Sounds like Mum is doing well. Love a bargain (shoes) and sorry about the off course. Stuff happens.

  2. Off course..too bad..but I bet you wowed them in your styling shoes and outfit:)


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