Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burnt Out

I'm feeling pretty burnt out right now.  Usually do about this time of the year.  I'm tired of making jam, dealing with fruit, and all the other things that go hand in hand with making a decent presentation at our market booth each weekend.  Add to that the time I've spent this season visiting/dealing with my mother's affairs, and I feel like I'm way behind.  Well I am with some things, but that's the way it is, can't do much about it.  There were only two adult and a few kids aprons left hanging on the rack at Sunday's market.  Never has stock been so low.  It's the sewing time that's suffered this season.  So be it, it is what it is.
So we are counting down the weekends.  Only three more weekends to go of doing markets both days.  After that there will be a bit of a break, and then there will be a few indoor winter markets before Christmas.  I keep telling people they'll have to come to those if they want any selection in the sewing department.

And speaking of burning, it's firewood time.  Our heat consists of a wood stove and a gas fireplace.  When we first moved here, the house only had wood heat.  It worked well for years, but then we added on, and had to put in some additional heat.
We have some bush on our property, and it has kept us supplied in firewood for 25 years.  It is mostly alder.  Alder burns well, is easy to split, grows fast, and conveniently dies off after a while.  Usually there are a few trees that are dead at the top that Larry takes down.  Some volunteer and take themselves down. The dead wood we can burn this winter, as it has been drying up there in mid air all summer.  The wood that was still live, will be burned the winter after.
Doing the firewood used to be a family affair.  We'd all head out to the bush.  Larry operated the chainsaw, I was the splitter, and all of us helped to stack it on the trailer.  Meredith used to get fed up first, so we'd send her back to the house to make some lunch.
The last few years, Larry did most of it himself.  This year he is having trouble with his shoulders.  Splitting wood aggravates it.  
I always liked splitting wood, so I've picked up the maul again this year. (Anything to put off making that jam that I should be doing)
It was a lovely Fall afternoon. Just me and the maul and some fresh cut alder.

Oh, and Jake.
Ever hopeful Jake.
Please won't you take a moment and throw this ball?
Luna hates any sort of pounding noise.  She was probably at the front of the house, hoping someone would let her in.

All split

And stacked.
Fresh Alder eventually turns orange where it is exposed to the air.
That's some of last years wood at the corner.  All dried and ready to go, and holding up a corner of the woodshed.
Yep, add another project to the 'to do' list. There's probably space on page 10.


  1. Wow, you really do lead a country life. Lots of good old fashioned hard work. Seems like a lot of us are behind this year. Caring for loved ones can be very time consuming but very rewarding as well.
    Jake is so adorable waiting and hoping, just like my Ryker. The ball and frisbee are his world!
    We have more snow in the mountains and soon we will be having it swirling around us. The nice thing about winter is their is less yard work to do. I have a ton of end of the year clean-up to finish as well. Carrots to pick, beds to clean out. Hope it quits raining this weekend.

  2. we're tired just thinking about that stuff
    Benny & Lily

  3. I always call myself Mountain mama....but I think I can pass that name on to you. Geez...splitting wood. You're tough. Funny you mentioned that....I was just looking at our pathetic wood pile. Not enough to get through the winter with. Great photo of Jake :0)


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