Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Wish...

our meals were so easy to prepare.
But then raw heart, kidney and eggs aren't really on my favourites list.

And here's two stories with happy endings. 
It just seems so wrong that Midge's first owners, after having her for 20 years, 'chose' to move to a condo that didn't allow pets.  Maybe there's more to the story than what they are telling us (I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt).

Remember this post Finding Phineas ?
Last night I was looking through the PNW border collie rescue site, and imagine my surprise when I saw Phineas up for adoption.  Yep, they found him three weeks ago, which really makes me smile:)
You can read the whole story here
He's sure a cute one.  Wish we were looking for another dog right now....I'd have my application sent in. He'd actually caught my eye before he went missing.  
I check the PNW  BC rescue site every few weeks....mmm.....well.....just because:)


  1. Great news about Finn..finally captured!! He is one that will probably never be allowed off leash or out of a yard. Sad..when they have not been socialized as pups to see this happen.

    Oh boy Midge..I do not understand those owners at all..but I am weird that way. She must have felt so abandoned:(

  2. Yea that Phineas was FOUND. I hope he finds a happy ending. BOO othe owners of Midge....after 20 years they just give her up. Weird.


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