Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keeping Me Sane

The hottest days of the year have decided to hit us in September.  Nothing like sweating over a hot stove, making jam, when it's 31 degrees outside (that's about 88 F).  That's pretty hot for us here. It was probably more than that in the kitchen.  
The fan was my friend today, as well as a lot of cold drinks.

Luna knows how to keep herself cool.
(Taken through the kitchen window while making jam, like usual)


  1. Once in awhile I will put a kiddie pool out for the dogs. But, we are all "dirt" in the summer and then I have MUD dawgs. Yuk. Can't wait for cooler weather and fall rains.

  2. Luna cracks me up!
    88 is pretty warm, too warm for me! Today we are having a cool crisp sunny day up complaints. Wevwish the same for all of you.


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