Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Things Can Go Wrong

Things don't always go as planned at an agility trial.
Listen carefully to the audio.

There was only one snap closing the x-pen, and Luna pushed until she was able to squeeze out at the bottom.
If the panels were overlapped a bit, one snap would have worked just fine.  Calli was in the x-pen with her, but she heard Jake bark, and she was determined that he wasn't going to have all the fun.

And here's when things go right.
The last two runs of the day.
They were Jumpers runs, so only jumps and tunnels.
In her first ever Advanced Jumpers run, Luna had a qualifying run.
Larry had just arrived from the White Rock farmers market.  I asked him if he wanted to run Luna, but since I was already walking the course, he told me to go ahead.
You see me look back as she is going through the last tunnel.  She had rattled the bars on two jumps near the end, and I was checking to see if they were still standing

And here's Jake's Masters Jumpers run.  After he barks, you can hear Luna start to shriek in the background.
There was another dog there at the trial that sounds just like Jake when it barks.  Jake was in the x-pen with Luna when that dog was running, (and barking), and Luna still got upset.  And they say border collies are smart......:)
(Not sure if there was a lot of dust floating in the air, or dust on the camera lens)


  1. Monty starts his agility next week! We should have all kinds of fun stories to tell. You guys look good!


  2. Look how "focused" Luna has become. Congrats. Keep up the good work. At trials when I run on sheep, Kilt has to be crated in the truck. She goes wild if she hears my whistles with another dog. Doesn't mind when we practice, only when we are at a trial.

  3. mom would be a wreck if that was are looking good
    Benny & Lily

  4. I was impressed..and the first video made me smile.."stuff happens"

    Perhaps Luna just wants to cheer Jake and others on..or maybe she wants all the attention. Once they get focused on a cue of some sort it is hard to break that attention.
    You all looked great to me! :)


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