Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phlox and a Few Other Things

 The Phlox are blooming now.  They are one of my favourite flowers.  They look nice and smell nice and are great in the bouquets.  Here's a few of the different ones we have.

The white one is called 'David':)  
Kind of plain, but goes with everything.

A mutated Rudbeckia

And some gorgeous gladiolas, or is that gladioli? That just sounds wierd...

There are even a few raspberries left.  I don't ever remember still picking them this time of the year.  It's been one weird year.
Oh, in case you were wondering, I ate these two.


  1. A flower extravaganza! We are on our way to pick raspberries as we go to work our dogs on sheep :0)

  2. So beautiful. Our raspberries are ripe now too! YUM!

  3. Your Phlox is very smells so great. I bet your customers love it..the berries look good too:)


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