Saturday, August 20, 2011

But Officer, I Only Had One Drink!

Here's the flowers mostly picked for tomorrow's market.  I did pick two more buckets after I took these photos, for a total of 12 buckets.  
See those spiky red dahlias in the bucket on the bottom right.  Those ones and the dark pink one on the right of them are two of the dahlias that Meredith bought for me when she was in the flower market in Amsterdam.
Today was the hottest day so far this year.  We got to 29 or 30 degrees.  
I've just had a nice cold bottle of raspberry cider.  If the bouquets look a little tipsy when I get them done, you'll know why!

Update: 12:30 am, and 16 bouquets done.  They all look like they could walk a straight line.
I'm so looking forward to that alarm going off in 5 1/2 hours at 6 am. NOT!


  1. You have some great flowers to work with..that is a way cool Dahlia..I love red flowers. I bet you sold out fast! :)


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