Monday, August 22, 2011

Rain Drops on Cabbages, but not Cabbage Roses

It poured rain today, and we were glad to see it.  22 days since the last rain, and since I'm not very good at watering things, I'm glad Mother Nature took charge.  Kind of nice when you scrape the soil and it's wet through.

Of course the slugs love the rain too.  This one went on a fast trip by Westjet  Wyndsonjet into the next field.


  1. Your cabbage is beautiful. Ours are kind of puny. Gorgeous photos!

  2. The water looks amazing - and that slug looks cool too!

  3. Whatever that last photo was of......I saw lots of those on the Oregon Coast.
    20 days......How about 3 mos of no rain? We get so tired of watering in the summer. But we have NO slugs :0)

  4. Your cabbages are beautiful, the rain looks so refreshing..even the slug looks like he enjoyed it..for a bit! :)


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