Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pride's Tree

If we open the gate to the bush field at this time of the year, Pride has one thing on his mind.

He knows the way, although Luna is quite willing to help him get there.

Here he is, turning into the 'door'. 
See that tree that takes up most of the top left hand quadrant of the photo?

It has these on it.

And some of them end up on the ground

Pride searches around until he finds one.

And then he does it again and again, until he can't find any more.
Jake thinks it should be his tree.
To Jake, those apples are multipurpose objects.

You can toss them like balls.
Once again I demonstrate my inability to throw a toy and photograph the action

I was doing okay this time, until that black and white beast jumped up to steal it.

Finally, success, for both me and Jake

And after you're done playing with it, you can eat it.
We'll be back at it again tomorrow.


  1. You sure are having fun over there. Is that horsey playing pin the tail on the donkey? He's blind folded
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yep, they ALL love apples. And, the sheep especially enjoy pumpkins!

  3. Pride is pretty smart! Chance used to like apples...not so much anymore. You did pretty good with the photos! :)


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