Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yesterday's list

--Plant garlic - check
--Plant bulbs - fail
--Unload and stack firewood - fail, but Larry did nearly half of it, so does that count?
--Put up the wood around the bathroom window - check, but it took three times as long as I thought.  But, hooray, all the window surrounds on the house have been painted!
--Install a couple of new exterior lights - check, but that was another job that took three times as long as I thought
                                                                      Before and after

--Start digging up the dahlias - fail
--Take the dogs for a good walk - check, we went down to the dyke late this afternoon.  Luna found a stinky rotten salmon to roll in.  Therefore we had to get her in the water to make her bearable to be around, gross:(
--Spend too much time on the computer - check, 'nuf said 


  1. Oh yes the lovely smell of a dead salmon from the dykes. I have seen many a dog owner freaking out on the way back to their cars to take their stinky dogs home from their swim and walk.
    We were very lucky that our girl never managed to get into one.

  2. I'm tired just reading about it all!
    You've got so much energy!

    Dead fish LOL. Daisy is my gal obsessed with doggie perfume; always finds something dead to roll in. If all else fails, she'll go for goose poop. Silly girl. Of course she's the one who doesn't swim & HATES getting bathed so you can imagine the fun we have getting her cleaned up.

  3. You did pretty darn good on that "to do" list.
    I like your new lights, nice improvement.
    What good dog doesn't like a good roll in something stinky! I like to rub my face in it too!


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