Friday, June 25, 2010

Off on a tangent

So here's something really NOT gardening or farming related, and only slightly, weirdly, dog related.  Last week I purchased some yogurt.  Usually I don't purchase this type, I just find it rather expensive and over packaged.  But, find it for half price, and that changes it all.  When it's half price, isn't it twice as healthy, half as fattening, and the packaging, well who even notices?

So that flourescent pink sale sticker had my total attention.  What a deal:)

And since I bought it last week, there was still loads of time left before it actually was set to self destruct.  In fact I was so thrilled I bought several packages.  When you have one person that needs things to quickly grab for their lunch at work, another that eats like a horse.... well there was no worry about it hanging around too long.

The first one got eaten before noticing the picture, and it was deemed a bit ....weird.
The second one was eaten by me, who opened the fridge, didn't have my glasses on, and wondered what that dark oval fruit was.
Prune?  What the heck.....
Whose brilliant idea was that?

How appealing is that picture?  In my mind, not at all.  To us dog and cat owners it has too much of a resemblance to something we have to clean up on a regular basis, oh gross...
Can you imagine the poor kid that takes it to school?  He'd probably never live it down.
Not that I have anything against prunes.  I've eaten them and enjoyed them.
If I was wanting prunes for, digestive help, there wasn't enough prune in that tiny container to be of any help, it barely coloured the yogurt. 
Why not call it plum yogurt? After all, prunes are dried plums, but plums are so much more appealing looking.

I'm interested to see how long this flavour sticks around.  I'll bet it won't be long.
And all that cardboard and plastic ended up in the recycle bag.

Off to the markets this weekend.  If you want to read about the Sunday one, I ramble on about it here.
Have a great weekend!

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