Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Journey, and Some Sidetrips

This video is from Susan Garrett, one of the leading dog agility competitors and instructors in Canada.
She was the keynote speaker at a banquet at the Agility Association of Canada's Agility Championships in 2008.
Enjoy, and if you are like me, you might need a kleenex....

And to keep in the agility theme, the final results of our Regional Agility Championships have been posted.  Jake's agregate score was 8th out of the 24 dogs in his division. Don't know where I got 32 dogs from in my previous post, but 8th out of 24 doesn't sound quite so good:)  On a more positive note though, turns out he was FIRST in his jumpers class on Saturday:)!!  And I 'm pretty pleased with his fourth place in that class on Sunday, considering that I fell while on course.    There are 15 divisions, based on the dogs height, age and handlers choice.
Apparently Shaw Cable has a segment on the Regionals.  The info is here

And a chicken update.... Well there was a hen wandering around this morning when we went out there, so she must have been roosting somewhere outside last night.  Then this afternoon one was cackling away on the driveway outside the gate, and from the way she was acting she has got some eggs hidden away somewhere that she is trying to hatch.  So maybe we are only down three hens.... which is much better than I had first thought.

Another miserable wet day out here.  Just that light misty rain that keeps everything dripping wet.  Only a few days until summer is supposed to start, and tonight we lit the woodstove, as it was darn chilly in the house.

And is anyone watching The Flight of the Bumblebees, I mean the World Cup?  Are those horns annoying or what?  Do they all go to the stadium wearing ear plugs, and leave with a big headache anyway...?

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  1. I haven't been able to watch the video! I will keep checking!


  2. That's weird. Of course it plays for me alright, and I got my daughter to check on her laptop and that was fine too. If all else fails, go to and type Susan Garrett The Journey in the the search box.

  3. I haven't been watching, but I have read and heard on the radio that the horns are causing huge problems. The players are going nuts, and many of them are even having trouble sleeping because people are blowing them outside the hotels. There was talk of banning them, but I'm not sure what happened with that. They do pose a pretty significant hazard as far as hearing damage is concerned, the new plastic ones can produce something like 16-20 decibels of sound.

  4. I have seen that video before, and once again I was fighting the tears! That puppy lookes a lot like Ben. Congrats on the FIRST PLACE WIN!

  5. Yay Jake! First Place! WTG!

    8/24 is the top third for me - Good boy!

    I love that Susan Garrett video. Such a wise woman.


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