Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water fight!

You know all that complaining I've done about the wet weather?  Well it actually hasn't rained for a number of days now.  Some of the days haven't been sunny, or even that warm, so we still felt like we were being short changed on Summer.  But yesterday and today when the sun came out and hit you, it felt HOT!  So now I can complain about it being too hot......yeah, I'm not really a hot weather person.

Since I have seeded some arugula and spinach where the blighty potatoes had been, and it hasn't rained, I had to bring out the artificial rain.

Luna keeps a close eye on the water, to make sure I get it done right.

She follows where the water is landing, to make sure I get the whole bed good and damp.

And then it's her turn!

Let me at it!

Gotta kill that water!

And Calli and Jake get themselves far, far away......


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  2. Looks like there's a rainbow in you garden! How summerey!

  3. Now I don't feel so silly for watering my vegetables on the one day we finally had some warmth!


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