Saturday, June 12, 2010

Regionals - Day 2

It went really well today, I'm almost afraid to say anything in case I jinx us for tomorrow.  You are required to get 350 points to qualify for Nationals, and Jake has approx. 280 already, and we are only half way through.

It was a bit of a rocky start with our first class and first obstacle.  It was a Gamblers class, and I started with the dogwalk which was worth 5 points.  I purposely started him at an angle to it, as he has reoccurring teeter issues, and I was hoping that he would be able to see enough of it to realize it wasn't the teeter (even though I call it something else).  Anyway, I raced to the other end, obviously NOT keeping my eye on my dog.  I heard the spectators gasp, and he had bailed off the up plank of the dogwalk.  That kind of threw me for a loop, but we continued on and it went well for the most part after that, with him doing an awesome gamble. 

The next class was Standard, and I thought I was really going to have to baby him over the teeter and dog walk, but he was okay with them.  A clear round and 14 seconds under time, so we got 14 bonus points.

Jumpers was the last class, and he got a clear round there also, and more bonus points for being well under time.  Good boy Jake!  Let's hope we can continue the success tomorrow.


  1. Hope you quailfy! Sounds like you're having a whale of a time!

  2. Good work. We sure hope you do qualify. Sounds like it is all going well.
    Have a great day.


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