Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Stylin Horse

1. (sti-lin) slang. meaning looking good or in fashion. (Urban Dictionary)

I don't know what Pride does to his fly masks, but they end up in pretty rough shape, mostly over the eyes.  Last year I took good parts from one and used it to patch up this one.  This side isn't too bad,

But the other side is useless.

So at the fabric store they had 'pet mesh'.  Not sure what they intended that you use it for, all I could think of was repairing a soft sided crate.  Didn't need it for that, but thought it might be good for a flymask.  And then it was on sale for half price, and you know me and half price stuff....
So I bought half a metre for $4 plus taxes and that was enough for two fly masks.  I had the fur stuff already, and some new velcro.  I used the old one for a pattern, and Voila!  Don't you love that Zebra print:)

The two old guys confer while he gets his morning apple.

And yes he can see through it very well. If you look closely, you can see his eye in this last photo.  It stops the flies from clustering around his eyes, and also shades the eyes a bit.  He is quite willing to have it put on.


  1. Ooooooh... he IS stylin!
    I bet you could make some money selling those!

  2. Nice handy work! I'm sure he loves it...

    The dentist was scary. I hadn't been in four years (that surprised me - I thought it had been three!) and I need seven fillings. My sore tooth wasn't so good. I lost my first tooth and he had to inject me more than 20 times! Still sore now.

    As for the silage, I asked my Dad and he said that black was cheeper, and that the white was better for hotter climates.

  3. Superb. Great style & all could take a walk & wave on the runway


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