Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a lovely day.

After doing a mega jamming session today (5 different kinds and 70 jars later), figured we should take the dogs down to the dyke for a good run after supper.  It had been a perfect day, the weather that is, and the evening was lovely too

The grass down there was going wild like our place.  A guy and his dogs could get lost.

Luna and Jake just wanted to get down to the water and FETCH STICKS!

We disturbed this heron who landed on top of the dyke on the other side of the creek.

Jake swam towards the light  I mean stick

 But the blind(ed by the light) cannot see, and he couldn't find it

They had better luck in this spot

And the mandatory shaking photo

Someone had kindly built a rock walkway from the gravel bar back to the dyke, but the water was so low that we didn't need it.

Luna and Jake started to wrestle                                      and turned into an eight legged red and black blob

until they got a whiff of something more interesting

and back down into the jungle they went

The jungle on this side of the dyke has all been cut and was gone.  Just waiting for some hot days to do ours.  Can't say as I'm really looking forward to that though.

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