Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Postcard from Paradise and other random stuff.

In yesterday's mail we got a postcard from David when he was on Rarotonga.  It took 2 weeks to get here.  There is a flight going to New Zealand each day from there.  Did they take it to New Zealand by outrigger canoe instead?

Our power went out for 5 1/2 hours again yesterday.  Really weird to have two power outages so close together.  And what was even weirder was that I was at the same place with a batch of jam as I was last week when the power went out.   This time at least I was able to use the camp stove in the house to finish it off.  For supper we had latkes cooked on the campstove, and salad made from greens from the garden.

Yesterday I discovered a new spot where a hen is laying eggs.  Came out of the barn/shop and there were 4 eggs under the pear tree right in front of me.  Sometimes you wonder why you hadn't noticed them before.  The hen was back in there this morning.  Sometimes once you take the eggs away, they don't go back, but so far so good.

We were watching the hens this morning when they got let out, as we figured there were some laying in places that we didn't know about.

I spy with my little eye....

That's a spot they have used before, on and off.  I took 5 eggs out of there this morning when I saw the hen heading that way.  I need to do some baking to get those eggs used up, or we can have scrambled eggs for lunch I guess:)

And I remembered to take some buckets with us on our bush walk this morning.  The salmonberry crop is awesome.  In about an hour, and only half the way around the bush, the buckets were full.  Near the end, after Larry said he had had enough and he had taken the dogs with him.  I was finishing filling the last bucket myself, and it was just so peaceful  out there.  There was a bit of drizzle coming down, and the birds were singing, and that's all I could hear.  It's good to be alone with nature once in a while.

Notice the caterpillars along the edge of the bucket?
There are a few of them, a few spiders and other small random bugs that are making a run for it.  Always best to give the berry a good look over before popping it in your mouth:)

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  1. A chicken! In a bucket! Cool! Saves money on coops!


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