Friday, May 7, 2010

Garden Report

Well I thought I was going to do this once a week, but already I am a fail!  Not that there is a whole lot to report anyway.  The broadbeans are about 18" high and look like they might be ready to flower anytime.

Down below the green house the peas are growing, but look kind of thin.  I have planted a few extra seeds in the bare spots, but I don't see them yet.  The lettuce leaves are actually big enough that I was able to cut some of them tonight  and mix them with a bit of arugula and the kale and will take three bags of salad greens to the Abbotsford Farmers market tomorrow.   The beets and chard off to the right have been reseeded, but they haven't shown up yet.  There are radishes along the edge of the lettuce, and I will pick some of those in the morning, if I can find enough that aren't split.

Just about all the potatoes are up, and the kale is going wild.  I can't keep up with it now, eating those flowers.  I picked 5 bags of kale for the market tomorrow.

The little patch of lettuce and arugula I planted way back in February hasn't done well.  It is full of weeds now, but was able to salvage a bit of arugula to add to the salad mix.

On the other side of the raspberries, the broccoli, arugula, carrots, spinach and more lettuce look good.  Probably in a couple of weeks I'll be harvesting the arugula.

The basil managed not to freeze to death, but has basically just sat there for the last week.  Amazingly the plastic has managed to stay in place with all the wind we have had lately.

Terrible photo, but I transplanted some kale (foreground) and planted the Yukon Gold potatoes.  I couldn't really tell for sure where I had put them.  I was sure I had planted 7 rows, but when I was done raking the hills, there were only 6 hills.  Weird.  I guess if the potatoes are not in the hills, I'll just have to rearrange them.

The perennial cutting beds were weeded and mulched.  Luna approves.

The mint and parsley are growing well, and some of that will go to the market tomorrow as well.

And the first Delphiniums on the south side of the greenhouse are starting to bloom.
And it's the start of the market season tomorrow.  Not sure whether I am excited about that or not!

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