Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This year I decided to be a bit 'selfish'.  Well, depends who you ask I guess.  Anyway, our free weekends are almost over now, what with the farmers market season getting underway.  We have been in a few agility trials this winter and spring, but from now on we will be pretty limited to what we can enter.  As it happens there is a trial in Cloverdale this weekend.  Today I was at the market in Abbotsford, but tomorrow was free, well sort of, so I sent in our entry.  The only thing was, I had to figure out how to 'treat' my mother for Mother's Day. 
As it happened I had to take her into Vancouver on Thursday to see her rheumatologist.  I decided to make an afternoon/evening of it.  So after the doctor's visit we took a drive to North Vancouver and Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.  It is a long time since either of us have been there.

I kind of wished though that we had been going there on Friday.

I wonder if it was this bear?
This is not photoshopped.  There used to be an animal trainer that lived a mile or so from us, and had several large bears, including this Kodiak Grizzly, on the premises.  There was an electric wire between David and the bear, and the bear had been asked to stand on his hind legs.

But, no bears on Thursday.

So I sent my mum off across the bridge

The view was really something from the middle of the bridge.  Not somewhere I really wanted to hang out though.  It was quite windy in the middle, and the bridge was swaying.  I was feeling a bit uneasy.

I preferred looking back at the bridge from solid ground on the other side.

And then we took a stroll down the boardwalk

On the way back the bridge was much more crowded, and after we got to the other side, some big guys started jumping up and down in the middle.  Sure glad I wasn't still out there.  I might have screamed:(

We sat outside the closed concession and chatted

By that time it was the middle of rush hour, so we had to find something else to do until the traffic was quieter.  We drove to the Cleveland Dam and the Capilano Reservoir. The view to the Lions was great.

There were loads of people, and loads of dogs.  Despite being a park, and complete with the usual 'dogs on leash' signs, the only dogs we saw on leash were the ones most likely to not have a decent recall; a shiba inu, a pair of beagles, and a cocker spaniel.  The rest were all loose, and were mostly minding their own business.  It was kind of nice to see.
It was a nice day out.
Hope all you mothers have a nice day on Sunday.
Wish us luck at the agility trial!


  1. A Bear!!! Cool - wish I was there with those lovley views.

  2. Good luck at the trial!!!

    Those places where all dogs run loose regardless of leash laws drive me NUTS. You see, one of my dogs really, really, really does not like dogs rushing into her space.

    Through much training, she can do ok with controlled dogs on leash (we've even managed an indoor novice rally class in a tight space; and she's fine with fostering b/e she loves dogs once she knows them) but an offleash dog or even a leashed dog on a flexi getting too close ... well, it's not pretty. It's my malamute/gsd cross so it's a big dog, having a big, loud, lunging fit.

    Frankly it irks me no end that there are so many places I can't go simply because others can't be bothered with obeying the leash laws......

    Deep down, I'm just a bit bitter b/e she was supposed to be my easy, go anywhere dog LOL. But there are SO many of us with feisty fidos who can't go to so many places b/e others essentially wreck it for us. Pretty much all of North Van is a no go zone for us :-(

    It sure is beautiful there though.
    Glad you had a fun outing with your mom.

  3. Oh I so know what you are saying! Luna is very leash reactive, and not so great off leash either if a dog gets in her face. The dogs we saw in N. Van. seemed to be minding their business, not straying too far from their owners, and weren't just hanging around, they were heading one way or the other. I had a hard time imagining our crew seeming as nonchalant as the dogs we saw.

    There were certainly times when I wondered what the h*ll we had got ourselves in for after adopting Luna. Of course we saw no evidence of these issues when we went to see her in Seattle. She is better, but there can be people issues too. Today we stopped at a park on the way home from the trial. A group of about 6 people stopped and asked about the dogs, and Luna ended up growling at one of them, as stupid me could see it was too much for her but didn't do anything about it in time.
    The 'look at that' game from the book Control Unleashed has helped quite a bit.
    I must say that today at the trial the snarky incidents were less of a problem, yay!

    Anyway, to get to the point, I am on the same page as you!

  4. Karen -

    You are much too gracious b/e really, I felt bad later about going on a rant on a side topic on your lovely post about a lovely Mother's Day outing with your dear mama. Duh, how rude.

    And is it wrong to be glad that you 'get it'? Because though I'd never wish dog reactivity on any dog owner (nor on any dog actually! what a sucky way to live that must be for them), misery does love company LOL.

  5. No apologies needed. We all take different things out of a post, and whatever part of it you want you are welcome to comment on.
    It's always nice to talk to someone that deals with the same issues, and like you say you wouldn't wish it on anyone or any dog. What I find frustrating is dealing with dog owners that have no clue..... The average pet owner is totally 'dumb' on these kind of issues if their own dogs aren't reactive.

    Anyway, I could go on and on as you probably could too:)

    I guess what 'impressed' me in North Van. was that most of these dogs were mostly just minding their own business and going merrily on their way, and I guess I was a bit envious of that. I did see a golden ret. head over to a young woman though who was obviously scared of dogs...

    Yes, misery does love company:)


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