Friday, March 19, 2010

Glen Valley Regional Park

Yesterday we drove down to the river to  Glen Valley Regional Park.  There are some trails along the river, which, being a park, are on-leash trails, but it was a change of scenery for all of us.  At first we walked down to the water's edge, as there was a nice bit of sand showing along the edge.  Instead of heading back up to the trails, we headed east along the river, and then a wonderful sand bar appeared.  That part of the river is still affected by the tides to some degree, and it was around the time of the low tide, so that combined with the lower water levels at this time of the year probably played a part in the appearance of the bar.  It was doggy fetching heaven. 

Jake was thrilled

The sand was deep and soft

He practiced his sliding stops

Calli was planning on sending her rock to China

Here's a stick

Can you throw it for me?

Posing, who has time for that...................... when there are sticks to fetch
But some how or other, the sticks kept disappearing.

So Luna found one that would be hard to lose

Jake, can you get 'em to throw it for us?

Larry ended up walking back to the river bank to round up some more sticks
Jake got rid of some of the water that was slowing him down

Luna waded out to get a head start.
Geez, I hope no hungry sturgeon are swimming by

Okay, we're ready 

And Jake is the winner, which is a good thing

He always brings it right back to you, unlike some dogs we know.  In fact, he is quite happy to pick up where Luna leaves off, and deliver it to our feet.

Sometimes though, much to Jake's disgust, Luna beats him to it

And what's worse, SOMETIMES she doesn't bring it back, or drop it, but she tries to bury it in the sand.  And Jake hates to get a mouth full of sand

Bark!Bark! --quit digging in the sand--Bark!Bark!--how can they throw the stick if we don't get it back to them--Bark!Bark!

And Jake has a shrill bark, verrry irritating, and we got to hear it twice.
For every bark he did, a second later we got the echo of it as it bounced off the island on the other side of the channel.

Thanks, Poplar Bar, it was nice meeting you.

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  1. What a fun day for all dogs and people. I am jealous of your wide open sandy river places! Here in Ottawa there are few of those. But I can say that our temps in the past few days have rivalled yours out west (16 degrees yesterday!) -- go figure. But its back to normal cold today.
    Thanks for the great shots.


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