Saturday, March 20, 2010

The predators are circling

This guy has been hanging around a lot lately


And this four footed predator or one of his relatives has been seen as well

Yesterday, a few times I noticed a crow flying from behind our burn pile with something in it's beak.
My first thought was an egg, as that is what it looked like as the crow flew over.
When I saw the second crow with something, it didn't seem big enough to be an egg, but maybe part of a shell?
Finally I wandered out to see if I could find a nest somewhere close to where the crows were originating from.

Unfortunately I saw this instead.

I'm blaming the hawk for this one.  That tree it was perched in was only 50 ft from the body.
I think the coyote would have taken it and run, and the chances of a coyote getting into the area where this hen was are slim.  Also, it was killed in daylight hours, because it wouldn't have been in this spot either if it was dusk. 
I'm betting on the hawk.

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