Friday, March 19, 2010

100 years and counting....

Wow!!! Monday March 15 2010 was the 100th birthday of Elizabeth Priscilla Brandson (nee Layng), Larry's mother, and my mother-in-law. It's hard to imagine, and the more I say 'one hundred years', the harder it is to believe.
The family gathered on Sunday, the day before, for a celebration. Four generations of family, and a few friends, came to visit and have some birthday cake.

'Bessie', as she was fondly known, as a baby. She was born in the rural municipality of North Cypress, in south central Manitoba, March 15 1910

With her four sons, 1951

Peace Portal Lodge 2010, White Rock.
(Well technically on the Surrey side of 16th Ave, but since she had lived in White Rock for the previous 46 years, that's how we'll leave it)

Best wishes were received from the Queen
the Prime Minister and Governor General

 the Premier and Lieutenant Governor
 as well as from other 'important' politicians

She had a moment of fame on Global TV on Wayne Cox's weather report
Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!


  1. As one of Beths former home care works, Ive often wonder what became of her.Saw her obit in Peace Arch News today. Went looking for it online, to express my condolances to family, and found this instead.
    Great pictures and happy story. Its so nice to see. She looked really good.
    Ive missed her for several years and really enjoyed the time i got to spend with her.

    My LOve to her family.
    D'Arcy (sfhs)

  2. D'arcy - How sweet of you to post:)
    Eliza(Beth) was a special lady.
    Here's the last post.


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